Yee Eun Nam Design

Mother of Henry

Written by Evelina Fernández
Directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela
Set design by Emily MacDonald
Lighting design by Cameron Mock
Projection design by Yee Eun Nam
Sound design by John Zalewski
Costume design by Carlos Brown

photo credit:
Emily MacDonald
Yee Eun Nam
Andrew Vasquez

WINNER : LADCC Theatrical Excellence for CGI/Video in 2020

@Los Angeles Theater Center

“ As the five of them navigate a rapidly changing America — gorgeously conveyed by Yee Eun Nam’s projections,
which combine lush religious iconography with footage of the calamities (RFK’s assassination) and triumphs (the moon landing) of the late 1960s
— they change one another in unexpected ways.”
“........ the excellence of the design elements and Valenzuela’s spirited direction cast an irresistible spell. “
-LA Times

“Yee Eun Nam’s videography is the evening’s highlight, and elevates the quality of the entire experience. Her work feels both both epic and intimate, artful and deliberate.
The use of imagery, text and audio from such a historically tragic and remarkable year is extremely effective.
Complimentary lighting design by Cameron Mock.“
-Stage Raw

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